Atondi Jazz

A beacon of hope and a vehicle of cultural dance preservation in South Sudan

Martin Sebit

Juba, South Sudan

Atondi Jazz, a dance cultural group, is our main partner in South Sudan for the BUFU Education Program. The group consists of children between the ages of 5 – 17 years, and children from diverse ethnic backgrounds. South Sudan has 64 ethnic groupings. Their practice stage is the small compound of their leader, Mr. Martin Sebit. When the generator is fired, and the sons of Mr. Martin start playing the base guitar and the drums, children from the neighborhood begin to congregate to watch the practice and dream about becoming a member of the dance group.

I met Atondi Jazz in 2016. I fell in love wholeheartedly in love with them. I am inspired and amazed by the work the leader of the band does to ensure that children are engaged and that he passes on to the next generation our beautiful cultural dances. It has been an honor for me to partner with them in ensuring that these members of the band and the children from the neighboring communities are able to go to school.

We have plans to build a stage for them and space for after school tutoring and learning activities. Contact us, if you would like to support this effort.