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Five decades of war meant that education in, what is now, South Sudan, was a privilege that only a fraction of the population accessed. However, after gaining its independence in 2011, education remains a privilege, although South Sudan’s constitution provides free public primary and secondary education. 

UNESCO estimates that 2.2 million children are out of school annually in South Sudan. A drastic situation for a country of 11.2 million with over 40% of its population between 0-14 years of age. Essentially 1 in 3 children in South Sudan are out of school. This situation is exacerbated by inflation, increasing the financial burden of education on already low-income families. 

Mankhoc Charities was conceived first as the By US, For US education program by Ms. Apuk Ayuel Mayen (Founder and Executive Director) in 2016. Its purpose is to help families unable to pay their children’s school fees due to the sudden currency devaluation that changed the ratio of South Sudanese Pound to Dollar from 3:1 to 42:1, leading to extreme hyperinflation. 

From Apuk’s initial personal commitment to supporting 30 children, the program expanded to support 134 beneficiaries at the end of 2016, 234 (2017), 300 (2018 and 2019), and 204 (2020).

Unfortunately, hyperinflation continues to worsen, increasing the number of out-of-school children in the country. The inadequate number of public schools, whose school fees are comparatively far lower than private schools, means many families can not afford to put their children to school.


A society built on respect for human dignity, where every child and youth enjoys access to education and social services, regardless of their family’s socio-economic situation.


To create platforms for citizens, organizations, and companies to invest in addressing select socio-economic issues within their communities, including access to education, through cooperative actions and advocacy, to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and youth in measurable ways.


Atondi Jazz – A cultural dance troop based in Juba, South Sudan

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