2018 Update

This year (2018), our By Us For Us (BUFU) Education Program registered 300 South Sudanese students in 27 primary and secondary schools in the Greater Juba Area. Most of our pupils have been carried over from our efforts from 2017, we added 66 students this year.

Mankhoc Charities plans to accompany the children until they attain a Secondary School Certificate. Our policy is that we register our continuing pupils first, before admitting new pupils to the program, which depends entirely on available funds.

With generous donations from benefactors, mostly South Sudanese individuals, business owners, and some foreign individuals, we paid for school fees and purchased uniforms for some of the students. These benefactors will be appreciated in a separate thread.

We also received a generous donation fundraised by Youth Empowering Societies Through Service (YESS), that assisted us in registering 46 students.

Mankhoc Charities also provided a scholarship to a female youth to attend the Catholic University – Juba.

Watch this space for more information on how to support to educate a South Sudanese child.